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Pacific Psych Solutions and its dedicated staff serve the residents of Long Beach, California and many nearby neighborhoods. The group has licensed psychologists who can diagnose and effectively treat many anxiety issues or disorders in both children and adults.

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders Q&A

How Are Anxiety Disorders Diagnosed?

When a person is seen for an anxiety disorder, the psychologist looks at several different issues. First, the client’s symptoms are closely studied and evaluated. Our psychologists will also look at any environmental concerns; a client’s work or school environment is studied to determine if anything is going on that would cause the person to worry needlessly. The psychologist will match specific criteria to the symptoms that are presented, and a determination will be made about which type of anxiety disorder the client has.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Anxiety disorders can be treated in different ways depending on what causes them and the severity of the symptoms, including relaxation therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, medications, and certain lifestyle and diet changes. All of these treatments can improve a person’s general health. Counseling sessions are often helpful in assisting the client in handling stressful events. Helping the client understand what kinds of events and situations trigger anxiety can help the client stay focused and relaxed, even during the most stressful times. The licensed psychologist can give the client the tools needed to cope and help overcome anxiety issues.

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety can have many different and varying causes. Psychologists often look at triggers that can gradually overwhelm a client, causing a variety of symptoms. Fear of unknown situations, a hostile work or school environment, difficulties with children or parents, and dealing with specific phobias can all contribute to anxiety. Once the cause of the anxiety is identified, the psychologist develops a treatment plan to help their client manage anxiety including treatment options that help alleviate symptoms and allow the client to feel more in control their environment as well as their responses to known triggers. When necessary, the psychologists can refer to licensed psychiatrist or physician for medication.


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