Pacific Psych Solutions

Psychologists & Family Therapists located in Long Beach, CA

Pacific Psych Solutions is a group practice that deals with the psychological health and well-being of its clients. Serving the residents of Long Beach, California, the group’s clinical director is Dr. Ellen Powers, Psy.D. The psychologists at the group specialize in a variety of treatment methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and in treating many different psychological conditions, including, but not limited to, the following: couples counseling, depression, PTSD and associated trauma, ADHD, anxiety, child and adolescent issues, and bipolar disorders.

The staff of Pacific Psych Solutions offers their clients an opportunity to adjust problematic thought patterns, emotions and behavioral traits that can disrupt their lives. It is their goal to help their clients learn how they perceive the world around them and what changes can be made in those perceptions that will bring about positive results. The staff strives to give their clients the tools they need on a mental, emotional, and psychological level to achieve success, improve their way of thinking and quality of life, and allow them to explore the world around them with confidence and bravery.

At Pacific Psych Solutions, it is the staff’s goal to both empower and educate their clients with counseling and growth exercises to give clients the tools they need to recognize and eliminate the patterns that are causing them to experience certain types of mental and emotional issues. As the psychologists and staff continue to work with clients on the areas of their lives in which they struggle, they provide them with the tools they need to better face and overcome obstacles, whether real or imagined.

Dr. Ellen A. Powers has made great strides as the Clinical Director for the group. She treats several different types of psychological disorders with cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, including ADHD screening, PTSD and trauma, anxiety and depression, and other behavioral issues that occur in people of all ages.


We accept most major insurance plans. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions about our network coverage.

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Pacific Psych Solutions
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